VPNinja Just Got Faster



VPNinja...just got even Faster. The Man...just got ninja-slapped.

While nefarious net overlords have been lounging around drinking Chivas and Green Tea cocktails and singing 1970s era love songs in dodgy Karaoke Joints - the Ninjas have been in training - training for SPEED. And with the latest release of the OpenVPNinja installer we're now faster than ever - streaming HD video fluidly through the internet much in the same way as our katanas slide through airborne watermelons.

Follow these 4 simple steps update to the latest VPNinja OpenVPN installation:


Step 1: Download the Latest version of OpenVPNinja Below


Step 2: Install OpenVPNinja     

  • Follow our new, improved step-by-step instructions for installing OpenVPNinja on the computing weapon of your choice. If you have any trouble during the installation process - remember we Ninjas are always available to support you - just email us at support@vpninja.com.


Step 3: Choose a newly accessible "Fast" server for faster access
to the ENTIRE internet.

  • Our new Fast VPN servers run using a network protocol called User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
  • This protocol allows much faster speeds, but can be less stable than traditional TCP connections.
  • If you experience any trouble connecting to the Fast servers on a public or privately controlled network, try out one of the stable connections.


Step 4: Surf the Entire Internet & Stream HD Video Like a Boss.

  • Once you have connected to a Fast VPNinja server you should see a big improvement in video streaming capabilities, making it even more convenient for you to connect to and stream video from your favorite video services such as YouTube, Hulu, iBBC player, and more.


If you have any problems installing the new, faster OpenVPNinja, have a general support question, or simply feel like discusssing nunchucks, death-touch moves, black clothing, or choke-holds... 

Email Us for Support!

The VPNinja Squad


VPNinja is the best way to unblock your internet in China and many other countries around the world - allowing you to view Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hulu, iBBC Player, NBC, HBO Go, Spotify and many other US or UK based services from anywhere in the globe, any time, with anybody.